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Cooking Oil Sprayer, Olive Oil Sprayer - Food Grade Glass Bottle, Leakproof Top Cap, Oil Sprayer for Salad Baking, Frying, Grilling with Multi-Layer Screw Front, 200ml



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【Multi-Purpose Oil Sprayer】 Fill this sprayer with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and sherry wine, this oil sprayer will become your effective tool for cooking, baking, salad making, roasting, grilling, frying and barbecuing. You can also use this sprayer that sprays alcohol on furniture or clothes for sterilization and cleaning. Large diameter bottle nozzle, no funnel needed when filling
【Larger and Wider Oil Mist】 We have improved the nozzle of this oil sprayer so that it can spray larger and wider oil mist. It enhances the flavor of food and makes food more delicious. At the same time, the spray oil is evenly distributed and coated on the surface of the food, thus reducing oil production and calories. More beneficial to health
【Leakproof】The multi-layer screw interface design of the top cap allows the top cap to be firmly fixed on the oil bottle, and the excellent sealing performance ensures it will not leak. Meanwhile, this screw design will make opening/closing the top cover effortless
【Safer Glass Oil Sprayer】Glass Oil Sprayer Bottle, We use safer glass material as the oil sprayer container bottle. The glass material will be safer, friendly to cooking oil and easier to clean. Refillable Oil Sprayer, If you want to use it for a longer period of time, the glass oil sprayer is the best choice. These thick glass spray bottles are strong and durable, and will not break
【Cleaning and Maintenance】 This refillable glass oil sprayer is easy to clean, please use soft cloth to hand wash it and clean it with neutral detergent. Make sure to clean and dry it after use every time. Please fill with liquids/oils that do not contain particles. Spray pattern may vary slightly due to different viscosities of oils